Akasha Sacred Beauty

Cost & Accommodations / 費用及住宿


The Holiway Garden Resort & Spa, located on the north shore of Bali, will be our home. Far from the noise and tourist crowds, at the Holyway Garden you'll experience the charms and magic of a Bali that is seldom seen anymore. Surrounded by sweeping views of the ocean, lush gardens of tropical plants, flowers, birds, and coconut trees, your spirit will be lifted into the heavens. 

Come with a friend or allow us to connect you with a roommate. We have reserved tranquil, double-occupancy villas and bungalows equipped with AC, auspiciously named: Ganesha, Shiva, Shakti, Bhrama, Vishnu, Krishna, Sita, Shanti.

We have reserved single-occupancy villas and bungalows (please see below for additional fee). If you prefer single occupancy, please submit your registration right away. If it turns out that there is high demand for single-occupancy villas, we'll do our best to arrange availability with the resort.


Sacred Beauty Healer Training: 5,499.00 EUR* Register >

Early-bird pricing (through January 31st): 4,999.00 EUR* Register >




找個朋友同行,或是讓我們為你安排室友,我們已預訂了數棟靜謐的雙人別墅,它們還有著吉祥的名字:Ganesha(甘納夏)及 Shiva(濕婆), Shakti(夏克緹), Brama(梵天), Vishnu(毘濕奴),Krishna克里希納, Sita(希塔)及Shanti(香堤)。



Sacred Beauty療癒師訓練:歐元5,499.00報名 >

早鳥價(01/31為止):歐元4,999.00* 報名 >




What's Included

» 11 days of Sacred Beauty Healer Training and Certification

» 12 nights accommodation at the Holiway Garden Resort & Spa

» 3 gourmet vegetarian meals per day (fish and chicken option also available). NOTE: with advance notification, the Holiway Garden Resort can accommodate most food sensitivities.

» Dolphin Excursion at sunrise, visiting a waterfall, and private Balinese dance performance

» Full access to the resort: pool, spa, all activities, etc.

» Filtered water, tea, and ginger water all day/night

» Internet access at the Holiway Garden Resort



» 11天的神聖之美療癒師訓練及證書

» Holiway花園度假村12晚的住宿

» 一天三頓美味的素食餐(亦有魚類跟雞肉可供選擇)。注意:若提早通知,Holiway花園度假村可以儘量配合你對食物的特殊需求。

» 賞豚之旅,參觀一個瀑布景點以及私人的峇里舞蹈表演

» 使用度假村的所有設備:游泳池、SPA,所有活動等等。

» 全天候供應過濾水、茶及薑茶。

» Holiway花園度假村提供免費上網



What You’re Responsible For

» Airfare to Bali

» Required travel insurance, passport vaild for 6 months

» Cost of transport to/from airport to Holiway Garden Resort (see below re: arrangements)

Note: We have arranged for private van transport to/from Denpasar Airport, for up to 4 people per trip, for approximately 80.00 EUR. The van cost will be split among passengers. 

Please contact [email protected] to reserve your preferred spot.



» 前往峇里島之機票。

» 所需之旅遊保險、機場費用及稅,有效期限超過六個月以上的護照。

» 機場到度假村的來回交通費(詳見下方)


請致信[email protected] 預定你希望的位子。



Additional Optional Charges

» It is standard for a 3% surcharge to be added to all credit card sales in Bali. This includes credit card purchases at the resort.

» There is an additional 280.00 EUR charge for the single-occupancy villa. (your total early-bird registration including single-occupancy: 5,279.00 EUR/total registration including single-occupancy after January 31st: 5,779.00 EUR)

*All prices shown are in Euro, unless otherwise noted.



» 峇里島及度假村中所有的信用卡消費,都會外加3%。

» 單人別墅會另加280歐元(含單人別墅的早鳥總費用是5,279歐元,01/31以後報名是5,779歐元)



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