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Become Initiated

The Sacred Beauty Healer Training is an initiation, for 20 special women, in the beauty of the soul. This all-inclusive, 11-day training for professional healers, or healers at heart, is also a retreat, located at an exquisite luxury resort hidden away on the north coast of Bali. Days are carefully planned so participants can relax, restore, and indulge in the powerful tranquility of Sacred Beauty.

Led by Sun Ya Fischer, and guided by the Divine Mother and Quan Yin, this training introduces you to the Sacred Beauty Lotus and Beauty Oils—immersing you in the temple of beauty. After the training you will feel confident in recreating your experience at home, and you will be certified to offer powerful and effective Sacred Beauty rituals to your private clients or groups.



Sacred Beauty療癒師訓練是一個在靈魂之美中,為20位特別的女人所做的點化。這個提供給專業療癒師或是心之療癒者的11天全套訓練,也是一個僻靜營,將在隱藏於峇里島北岸的一個精緻優雅度假村中進行。課程天數經過仔細規劃,讓學員可以在Sacred Beauty強而有力的寧靜中,放鬆、修復並陶醉。

在Sun Ya Fischer的帶領以及神性之母和觀音的引導下,這個訓練會讓你認識Sacred Beauty蓮花及美的精油──讓你沈浸在美的聖殿中。課程之後,你將有信心自行再造此經驗,並且被授與資格可以為你的客戶或團體提供強大有效的神聖之美儀式。



Shine from Within and Create a Temple of Beauty

Through healing practices using pure energetic vibrations and a heartfelt touch, the Sacred Beauty Healer Training brings heaven into your physical body, allowing the deepest beauty of your soul to shine from within once again. 

This training will remind your hands how to radiate all the colors of the rainbow, and the devotional and powerful treatments you learn will allow your clients to remember and awaken their own beauty within.

The Sacred Beauty Healer Training program prepares you to offer a variety of different workshops and healing sessions, including Rainbow Brush Treatments and Green Heart Massage. 

We’ll also explore the Akasha Sacred Beauty products, in combination with Tara Lotus Yoga exercises, to create perfect formulas for internal and holistic healing and beauty.

These rituals are the foundation for creating a temple of beauty for yourself—a sacred space where you can encounter your own soul and then, in turn, help your clients experience deep healing. The proper application of the Sacred Beauty treatments connects your client’s soul light potential with their physical body, allowing them to embrace their inner beauty. As a Sacred Beauty Healer, you will learn to support your inner beauty in blossoming like a flower so that when you return home you can facilitate the same for your clients.



透過使用純淨的能量頻率以及觸動你的碰觸式療程練習,Sacred Beauty療癒師訓練能將天堂帶入你的身體,讓你靈魂最深處的美,由裡到外再度閃耀。


Sacred Beauty療癒師的訓練內容,能讓你準備好去提供種類豐富的工作坊及療程,包含彩虹梳髮療程、綠光心輪按摩。


這些儀式是為你自己創造「美的聖殿」的基礎──那是一個你能與自己靈魂相遇的神聖空間,進而幫助你的客戶經歷深層療癒。適當地運用Sacred Beauty療程,幫助客戶將其靈魂的光之潛能與他們的身體連結,讓他們能擁抱他們的內在之美。做為一個Sacred Beauty的療癒師,你將會學到如何支持你的內在之美像花朵一樣綻放,讓你回家之後也能如此支持你的客戶。



Immerse Yourself

Fall asleep and awaken to the scent of lotus and the sounds of the ocean. Indulge in powerful rituals that awaken your entire being. Share fresh, nourishing meals with other beautiful women who, like you, desire to journey, daily, deeply into the Sacred Beauty Healer Training.

Each day is a new discovery. Whether you're a professional healer, or simply interested in getting more in touch with your feminine power, Sun Ya will re-inspire you and lead you through the Sacred Beauty holy mantras and rituals that touch your deepest core. Throughout the 11-day program, we will explore four key elements of Sacred Beauty:



As a Certified Kundalini instructor, Sun Ya will guide you through awakening the powers of yoga and the Taras, which will vibrate inside your body. Immersion in the divine nectar of these vibrations is the foundation for learning the healing techniques and exercises that enliven the chakras, which in turn build the foundation for your spiritual path. Each chakra holds great potential, which you will integrate step-by-step, by opening up to your true self and your natural power and beauty. 



Flowers are embodiments of heaven on earth. Each one holds special healing qualities which can be utilized in healing treatments and rituals. Crystals and gemstones, too, are transmitters of healing energies. The creation of mandalas using flowers and crystals is a powerful ritual for calling in the energy of oneness. These can be used in collective rituals as well as in specific application on the chakras of the body, increasing the flow of youth-enhancing hormones and thus offering an anti-aging, beauty, and healing treatment in one. Finally, each Akasha oil is imbued with the healing properties of particular flowers and colors, and can be used in specific ways to promote vitality and radiance of all kinds. With a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of the healing attributes of flowers, crystals, and oils, Sun Ya will initiate you into some of the myriad ways in which these sacred tools can be used for yourself and your clients. 



When women gather together in the temple of their collective beauty, we awaken a special energy that nourishes our feminine power. Our sacred beauty and feminine radiance, both internal and external, are essential elements of this feminine power. This energy blossoms when we are together, circled around the fire of our Shakti, in conscious connection with Quan Yin and the Divine Mother. We also engage in treatments for the face and body to consciously awaken our inner Shakti. Our feminine radiance shines from our eyes and our hearts, out to one another in our circle of women, and then into the larger world as we return home. 



The colors of the rainbow hold very special energies. Over the course of our 11 days together, you will receive an initiation into the energy of each color of the rainbow. The colors are incorporated and expressed in specific healing rituals and techniques that you will experience yourself and also learn to perform for others. The colors of the rainbow will flow over and within each cell of your body, each layer of your being. Finally, the initiations in the four heavenly colors beyond the rainbow (white, pink, silver, and gold) allow us to walk once again in our own heaven, bringing it back into our life on earth. 

Further enhancing the programme are sacred dance and celebration—opportunities to embody and express the vivid, tingling, primal powers flowing freely from within.


Sun Ya will be leading the Sacred Beauty Healer Training in English and Chinese.



在蓮花的芬芳及海洋的樂音中入睡及甦醒,浸沁於能喚醒你整個存有的強大儀式中。與其他美麗女人共享新鮮滋養的餐點,她們跟你一樣,渴望每天都深入探索Sacred Beauty療癒師訓練的旅程。

每天都是新的發現。無論你是專業療癒師或只是單純地想與你的女性力量有更多接觸,Sun Ya會透過能夠碰觸到你核心深處的Sacred Beauty的神聖真言與儀式,重新啟發並引導你。透過這11天的課程,你得以探索Sacred Beauty的四個主要部分︰



作為一位昆達里尼瑜伽的認證教師,Sun Ya 將全程帶領妳,去喚醒瑜伽和度母的力量,讓妳的身體與這些力量相互共振。沉浸在神性甘露的振頻中,你得以學習提昇脈輪的療癒技巧及練習,進而為你的靈性道路打下基礎。每個脈輪都保有強大的潛能,藉著對你的真實自我及天生的力與美敞開,你將會一步步地將這些潛能整合回來。



花朵是天堂在人間的體現。每一朵花都擁有特殊療癒品質,能被運用於療程及儀式,同樣地,水晶及寶石也能傳遞療癒能量。以花朵及水晶來創造曼達拉是一種強而有力的儀式,它能夠用來召喚合一的能量。這些能被用來作一般性的儀式,也能針對身體脈輪做特定運用,它能促進回春的賀爾蒙之流,進而能將抗老、美容與療癒合而為一。最後,每種阿卡莎天堂油都注入了特定花朵或色彩的療癒特質,能以特定方式加以運用,以提升各方面的活力及光采。帶著對花朵、水晶及天堂油有如百科全書一般的了解,Sun Ya將會為你點化,讓你能獲得一些運用在你個人及客戶身上的神聖工具。








Sun Ya將會以英文與中文帶領Sacred Beauty療癒師的訓練。






我們每天會從 8:00am 的瑜伽蓮花譚崔開始







The week’s unfolding culminates in the deeper confidence, greater skill, and expansive knowing you desire—so you can share your gifts with your clients. As a Certified Healer of Sacred Beauty you’ll connect to your own powerful and gentle energies, which arise out of your awakened beauty, and create optimal balance between you and your client’s body, mind, and soul.

On the last day of the Training Certificates will be handed out.



此課程將會逐漸地打開你更深的自信、美好的技巧及擴展你對自身渴望的知曉,並讓這些達到極致──於是你能將自己的天賦與客戶分享。做為一個合格的Sarced Beauty療癒師,你將能連結從被喚醒的美麗中升起的強大與溫柔的能量,並且在你與客戶身心靈之間創造最適當的平衡。






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