Akasha Sacred Beauty

About Sun Ya / 關於Sun Ya

Dear Friend,

Ever since I can remember, I have felt a deep kinship with nature, particularly with the flowers. As a little girl, my favorite flower was the buttercup. The way it lit up a person’s face with a golden glow always enchanted me. 




Awakening Beauty

Despite having grown up in a loving home, I struck out on my own at the age of 16, following a strong instinct to seek experience and adventure in the larger world. After some schooling and exploring, in my twenties I began a spiritual path which took me to America, visiting majestic spots in nature. As I spent time in these places, something opened up inside of me. In communion with the breathtaking natural beauty, I felt a profound connection to everything around me. I also felt I was reconnecting with myself and my own inner beauty. This was a deeply healing experience for me, and I knew almost immediately that I wanted to help others to experience this same reconnection. This, indeed, was my calling.

Upon returning to Europe, I joined forces with two of my friends from my American travels and together we opened a spa It was large and elegant and served a high-end clientele, providing both beauty treatments and cosmetic products. Several years into the business (at which point I was running it on my own because my two partners had gone down other paths), I decided to host a big event. We had over 150 people in attendance including the CEO and a cosmetician from a top luxury European skin-care company. Their presentations at the event were almost exclusively about anti-aging and, as I watched them, I realized that I couldn’t do this anymore. 



雖然在一個愛的家庭中長大,我在16歲時就踏上自己的路,跟著強烈直覺去尋求更大世界中的經驗及冒險。在一些學校教育及探索後,二十幾歲時,我開始一段靈性旅程,遊歷了美國眾多宏偉壯麗的大自然之地,當我在那些地方的時候,內在有些東西被開啟了;在與這些令人屏息的自然之美交流時,我感受到一種與周圍一切的深刻連結,我也感受到與自己及我的內在之美的再度連結。 對我來說,這是一個深層的療癒經驗,同時我也幾乎立即知曉,我想要幫助其他人也有如此的再連結經驗。這,確實就是,我的召喚。


Redefining Beauty

Soon after my travels in America, I returned to Europe and embarked on a career in the beauty industry, seeing it as a way to connect with people one-on-one and carry out my calling. First I ran a very successful luxury beauty spa with two like-minded friends. But eventually I realized that, with all the emphasis on anti-aging in the cosmetic industry, I had become immersed in a world that was about the correction of flaws, rather than the celebration of radiance.  

So I set the intention to find a way to continue to work with people in the field of beauty, but I wanted to use products made with pure, organic ingredients and to represent a philosophy rooted in spiritual principles. It was a process. First I represented the products of a wonderful company that resonated with my values. Eventually, thanks in part to the mentorship, suggestions, and support of a handful of key individuals, I began to create my own products. I began with flower essences, simply to share with family and friends. And people were so enthusiastic about the positive results (both cosmetic and emotional) that they experienced, that I began incorporating the essences into cosmetic products, beginning with shampoos and branching out from there.





Sharing Beauty

Each Akasha product is created with the utmost care. Our manufacturing methods take into account the natural rhythm and pace of the human body and breath. Our ingredients are elementally organic, and I personally bless and infuse each product in sacred ritual. Because the products are so unique, it quickly became clear that one of the best ways to help people use them to utmost benefit was to train counselors in spreading the message. Part of their training includes rituals and treatments that they can use with their clients. It gives me great joy to give people a way to be of service to others, as well as to empower them in growing their own businesses. 

In parallel to my work with beauty products, I have continuously trained in the fields of holistic healing and beauty, including formal education in ayurveda, aromatherapy, and both color and flower therapies. I am a certified beautician and kundalini yoga teacher. The rich and varied traditions and principles of all of these modalities combine to form a deep foundation for what I offer to you in the Sacred Beauty Healer Training. All over the planet, more and more people are stepping into their gifts as healers and messengers of light. The Sacred Beauty Healer Training is my answer to this movement, to support individuals on their paths of healing and service through training in Akasha's Sacred Beauty healing methods. These methods are an embodied expression of the truth that our sacred beauty, both inside and out, is a key piece of our collective healing.

I am so pleased to offer the Sacred Beauty Healer Training in Bali, a place that holds deep connections to the sources of beauty on our planet. Sacred beauty is the essential beauty of heart, spirit, and being that lives inside each one of us. When we awaken it, our external beauty becomes more visible and every aspect of our life is uplifted as we become messengers of light and radiance on the earth.

Come and join us.

Love, Sun Ya 







愛,Sun Ya