Akasha Sacred Beauty

Testimonials / 學員回饋

From Milahn, Taiwan

All Sacred Beauty trainings I've attended are so divine and wonderful. I feel that I am treated respectfully and that my body is holy. The yoga practices for the chakras were so different from the yoga I had practiced before, full of energy. Only a few simple movements arouse deep feelings.

The massage with the Prema Oils and applying the flowers on the body made me feel so beautiful, gave me so much energy. 

This training has brought a lot of creativity into my life and work. Thank you, Sun Ya.

From Najah, Taiwan

This training is powerful, beyond my expectations. The power of transformation is so great that I am a little frightened. On the other hand, I am happy that a lot has been released. I can see the astonishing change in myself and my classmates. Everyone can benefit from the training itself, even if Sacred Beauty is a totally new field. Thank you!

From Durga, France

I've fallen in love with the Prema Oil. I practised the ritual at home and it embraced me—turning my overloaded day into feminine peace.

From Celana, Taiwan

This is a very special training/retreat. I loved it so much. The most enjoyable part is that there is a lot of massage in this training. It always nourished me, no matter whether I gave or received it. 

I also enjoyed the hairbrush ritual, daily yoga practices and sacred dancing. But especially the hair brushing. It really touched me. I had never brushed hair with so much tenderness and love before. 

After the training, I felt a feminine power and very subtle tenderness growing inside me. And I can also feel beauty growing inside and around me. The growth of the inner beauty increases my ability to see the beauty in everything.

I've joined a lot of groups during the years; this is the first time that I feel so open and safe with a group. Such intimacy, fun and happiness. It felt like we were really a family, and that we'll remain sisters. I have so much gratitude and love for all the beautiful women at the training. 

Thank you, my dear teacher Sun Ya, for bringing so much love and power of sacred beauty to all of us. We all look so different and more beautiful than before. 

From Gandha, Taiwan

For a long time I have lived only the male aspect and energy, and never touched and cherished my female energy. This training has awakened the female aspect inside me.

After lots of resistance and anger, I finally surrendered to the beauty and love of this training. I opened myself up to enjoy and dive into the femininity of the group and now feel that it is really wonderful to be a woman; it is a blessing to be part of the pure and loving female group! 

Since the training I've been treating myself with more tenderness and respect, and I feel a growing sense of beauty in my life and environment. I continue to nourish myself with sacred female power, sense of beauty, and flow of love! 

Thank you Sun Ya, this is a very special experience of love, beyond the understanding of the brain.

From Asha, Taiwan

Even though chakra healing has always been my favourite therapy, I didn’t expect that Scared Beauty Training would change me so dramatically, and even turn me inside out, in a way that I am not familiar with. Nor did I expect that the massage training would lead me to experience such self integration, and expose me to a brand new sensation that allows me to see myself in a very different, and loving, light. 

The power of softness is coming back to me like a flower tenderly unfolding its petals. This energy affects and works on each of my chakras like waves gently hitting the shores and washing off what covered them. The qualities hidden underneath are starting to shine their unique light. A stability inside grows, helping to develop my courage and calmness. 

I can now face the chores and noise rising and falling in the daily life in a more flexible and creative way. Affection for myself has been released, flowing from the heart to my body and aura. I'm beginning to pull down the walls I used to put up between me and the world for self-protection. This atmosphere allows me to speak truly; I feel as if a long lost voice is coming back. 

Now, I feel safer to express what my intuition guides me to say, and when I do so, I feel more protected, even when doubts still exist. I can feel that trust is growing. 

When energy between the chakras starts to flow and gives mutual support, I can now listen to the voice of my body more, and gradually regain the ability to connect to the world, which is not easy for me. Even though the changes that have happened during the training are still being integrated and experienced, I am learning to enjoy the process and love myself more. 

Not knowing where this may lead me, I've made the decision to go with it—even though fear and doubts never fade. 

Sonia, Taiwan

Speaking deep from my heart: It's a great honor to have participated in Sun Ya's first Sacred Beauty Healer Training.

Sacred Beauty really turned on an experience of "beauty" I never felt before. It awakened an inner consciousness, and helped me to open my eyes to see the beauty in everything, as it is. Sacred Beauty created an open space with no judgements and expectations. It's like dancing easily with the wind, singing life's song along with the rhythm of nature. I learned that beauty is joy without purposes, and experienced that beauty is more than you can see.

Thanks Sun Ya, for bringing such a holy and wonderful energy to me. Now, by your example, I realize that my life is surrounded with so much beauty. And when I embody the consciousness of beauty, I can fulfill many wonderful things; the projection of my inner beauty.



整個Sacred Beauty的訓練是如此的神聖與美好。我感受到被尊重的對待,以及覺得自己的身體是神聖的。脈輪瑜珈練習跟之前單純練瑜珈是很不同的,充滿了能量,幾個簡單的動作就可以帶入很深的感覺。

花與天堂油結合的身體按摩, 我感覺很美,給予我很多的能量。

這個訓練為我帶來很多創意在生活及工作中。謝謝Sun Ya。



每個人都可以從這個訓練中受惠,儘管Sacred Beauty 是個全新的領域。謝謝!





我也享受在梳頭髮的儀式,還有每天的瑜伽練習和最後的神聖舞蹈。 尤其是梳頭髮的儀式真的很觸動我,原來也可以這樣的溫柔與帶著愛來梳頭髮,過去未曾經驗過呢~



也感謝我親愛的老師Sun Ya,為我們帶來如此多的愛,以及這神聖之美的力量。我們所有的人在上完課後真的都變得比以前更美麗了。





感謝Sun Ya! 這是一個超越頭腦理解,一種愛與美的特殊經驗。


一直以來,脈輪療癒都是我最喜歡的能量工作,但即便如此,我也沒有預期到Sacred Beauty這個課程,會為我帶來如此大的轉變。原本僅僅是帶著單純學習按摩,學習能與自己的身體有更多的連結的想法去上課的,但這個從脈輪能量所給出的身體按摩,卻意外地讓我經驗到一種自我的整合,如同打開了一個新的次元般,我從一個完全不同的眼光看待自己,帶著更多的愛與輕盈。 隨著課程的展開,一種我從未經驗過的柔軟,也像花瓣一片片綻放般地,從我內在被喚醒,更柔軟卻更有力量。透過每一個脈輪獨特的按摩,身體放鬆了,頭腦也漸漸安靜了。

回到日常生活中,我覺察到自己可以帶著更多的彈性與創意,穩穩地處理各種大小瑣事。  有一種對自己的愛,慢慢滋長著。這愛的氛圍,讓我可以更真實地表達我的感受,信任我的直覺,信任這世界是安全的。這對長久以來,不太喜歡與人接觸的我來說,就如同高牆倒下,是一種全新向度的經驗。透過這些按摩,能量滋養了身體,喚醒了身體意識,我更多的回到身體,回到自己,有種不熟悉但卻很真實的存活感。我也逐漸更能察覺並跟隨身體的韻律,去回應這個世界的節奏。 



我的由衷之言:我很榮幸參加Sun Ya 老師第一屆的Sacred Beauty。

Sacred Beauty果真開啓了我對於「美」前所未有的經驗。Sacred Beauty正喚醒我內在美的意識,協助我睜亮雙眼看見萬物是其所是的美。 Sacred Beauty的課程進行著,漸漸在我心中創造出一片開放的空間,沒有批判,也不刻意有期待,「美」就自由自在地流經你,如順著風勢自在的起舞,如依循自然的韻律哼起了生命之歌。我從中體驗到美是一種無所目的的喜悅,「美」不只是外在的眼見為實。

感謝Sun Ya老師傳遞給我們Sacred Beauty這麼神聖而美好的能量,引領我回到內心,當我用內在之光觀照自身和萬物時,我發現我的生活被美所環繞;當我啟動這種神聖的美的意識,就能完成許多美好的事,那正是自身之美的投射。