Akasha Sacred Beauty

Sacred Beauty Healer Training / Sacred Beauty 療癒師訓練

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(Early-Bird Registration available through June 30)



» 11 days of Sacred Beauty Healer Training and Certification

» 12 nights accommodation at the Holiway Garden Resort & Spa

» 3 gourmet vegetarian meals per day (fish and chicken option also available). NOTE: with advance notification, the Holiway Garden Resort can accommodate most food sensitivities.

» Dolphin Excursion at sunrise, visiting a waterfall, and private Balinese dance performance

» Full access to the resort: pool, spa, all activities, etc.

» Filtered water, tea, and ginger water all day/night

» Internet access at the Holiway Garden Resort

- with double occupancy: 7,499.00 EUR
- with single occupancy: 7,769.00 EUR



» Airfare to Bali

» Required travel insurance, passport vaild for 6 months

» Cost of transport to/from airport to Holiway Garden Resort (see below re: arrangements)

Note: We have arranged for private van transport to/from Denpasar Airport, for up to 4 people per trip, for approximately 80.00 EUR. The van cost will be split among passengers.

Please contact [email protected] to reserve your preferred spot.



» It is standard for a 3% surcharge to be added to all credit card sales in Bali. This includes credit card purchases at the resort.

» There is an additional 270.00 EUR charge for the single-occupancy villa or bungalow. (your total early-bird registration including single-occupancy: 6,769.00 EUR/total registration including single-occupancy after June 30th: 7,769.00 EUR)

*All prices shown are in Euro, unless otherwise noted.


» After paying the deposit for the Sacred Beauty Healer Training in Bali, you will be sent a registration form which must be returned within 24 hours via email. This form requests your agreement to the following statements:

• Yes, I want to participate in the Sacred Beauty Healer Training, March 22 – April 1, 2024, led by Sun Ya Fischer (Akasha Sacred Lotus GmbH und Co. KG).

• I understand that any withdrawal from the Training must arrive in written form before August 31, 2023 in order to receive a 50% refund. I further understand that if I withdraw from this agreement after August 31, 2023 my entire registration payment will be retained as a non-refundable handling fee. I am aware that if, for any reason, I decide I do not want to finish the training, no part of the tuition fee can be refunded and all accesses that I received during the training will be closed.

• If for any reason I am unable to attend any of the training days during this March/April 2024 Bali training, I understand that I will be required to make up the missed training days at a subsequent training within 12 months. I further understand that if I do not make up the missed training days within 12 months, all accesses which I received during this training will be closed and all fees paid will be non-refundable.

• I have thoroughly read the description of the Training and accept all terms. I understand that completion of the Sacred Beauty Healer Training makes me a Certified Healer of Sacred Beauty.

• A price adjustment can be made if, for reasons for which we are not responsible, the price increase is significantly higher within one year of the conclusion of the contract. In this case, the adjustment can be made in the same percentage ratio in which the consumer price index has increased.

• Participants are fully responsible for themselves. Akasha Sacred Lotus GmbH und Co. KG assume no responsibility for any injury, loss or damage caused in connection with accommodations, other resort facilities, transportation, illness, acts of God, local laws, climatic conditions or acts of terrorism and are immune from any recourse. Delays, changes or cancellation of the trip due to force majeure or weather conditions, as well as accidents or health problems during the stay at Holiway Garden Resort & SPA and in connection with a transfer before, during or after a tour (e.g. road accident) should be covered by travel insurance by the participant.

• In case of force majeure (such as pandemic), no refund of paid costs will be made. It can be converted into a rebooking or credit. It is the responsibility of the travelers to take out their own insurance against the above risks.

• I have thoroughly read, understood, and agree to all the conditions set forth above. I attend the Sacred Beauty Healer Training fully self-responsible.


All prices shown are in Euro, unless otherwise noted.



» 11天的神聖之美療癒師訓練及證書

» Holiway花園度假村12晚的住宿

» 一天三頓美味的素食餐(亦有魚類跟雞肉可供選擇)。注意:若提早通知,Holiway花園度假村可以儘量配合你對食物的特殊需求。

» 賞豚之旅,參觀一個瀑布景點以及私人的峇里舞蹈表演

» 使用度假村的所有設備:游泳池、SPA,所有活動等等。

» 全天候供應過濾水、茶及薑茶。

» Holiway花園度假村提供免費上網

- 學費含雙人房住宿: 7,499.00 EUR
- 學費含單人房住宿: 7,769 EUR



» 前往峇里島之機票。

» 所需之旅遊保險、機場費用及稅,有效期限超過六個月以上的護照。

» 機場到度假村的來回交通費(詳見下方)


請致信[email protected] 預定你希望的位子。



» 峇里島及度假村中所有的信用卡消費,都會外加3%。

» 單人別墅會另加270歐元(含單人別墅的早鳥總費用是6,769歐元,06/30以後報名是7,769歐元)



» 在購買峇里島美的祭司療癒師訓練後,你將會收到一份訓練申請書,請在24小時內透過電子郵件回傳。此訓練申請書需要你同意以下聲明:

• 是的,我想要參加 2024年03月22日-04月01日由 Sun Ya Fischer 富桑雅(Akasha Sacred Lotus GmbH und Co. KG)所帶領的美的祭司療癒師訓練。

• 我們必須收到全額費用或第一期的費用以及此美的祭司療癒師訓練申請書以確保您的名額。

• 我了解在2023年8月31日前仍可以書面通知撤銷本申請,在此狀況下,可有50%的退費,我了解如果我在2023年8月31日之後撤銷本申請,我的所有費用將被留做為行政作業費用。我明瞭若我不願完成訓練,學費將無法退回,且訓練中接收的療癒通道將被關閉。

• 若我無法全程參加2024年3月在峇里島的訓練,我將必須在十二個月內參加未來的梯次以補齊訓練天數。如果我沒有在十二個月內補齊訓練天數, 所有我在訓練中所接受的療癒通道將會被關閉並且所付的費用將不會退回。

• 凡報名參加者均須自行承擔所有相關責任。Akasha Sacred Lotus GmbH und Co. KG 對於與住宿、其他度假村設施、交通、疾病、天災、當地法律、氣候條件或恐怖主義行為相關的所有傷害、損失或損害皆不承擔任何責任,且不受理任何追索。由不可抗力或天氣狀況,以及於 Holiway Garden Resort & SPA 逗留期間和任何旅遊行程之前、期間或之後轉運期間的健康問題或事故(如交通事故)所導致的行程延誤、更改或取消,均由學員自行投保的保險加以理賠。

• 如遇不可抗力(如疫情),已支付費用概不退還,但可視同重新報名或轉換為購物金。旅客有責任為上述風險自行購買保險。

• 若相關費用於合約簽訂後一年內明顯上漲,且上漲非由主辦方所導致,則可進行調價。若有此情形,則可按消費者物價指數的漲幅依相同百分比進行調價。

• 我已經完全閱讀訓練內容並接受條件。我了解完成美的祭司療癒師訓練將使我成為合格受證的美的祭司療癒師。

• 我已經完全明瞭本契約並同意所有條件。我完全自負責任參加美的祭司療癒師訓練。